Highlighting Black Women's Visibility in Public Relations

Our Mission:


Making Black Women in Public Relations visible by providing a space where their experiences, expertise and achievements are highlighted.



Today’s world of PR is so, so powerful. And if we are not present, if we are not visible, if we are not a voice in every single meeting project that some big company wants to launch, just calling out what we see is not right, then where, where would we be?
— Nana Anto-Awuakye


The Vision

The vision is to primarily provide data, engagement, promotion, opportunities, resources and organise events targeted at Black Women in Public Relations and secondarily, to the wider PR industry as a source for insight into the state, experiences and expertise of Black Female PR practitioners.


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Contribute to BWPR’s library of data and content by submitting research and / or articles for publishing through the blog and resources page.

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BWPR aims to host annual conferences and workshops and would benefit from your professional experience, knowledge and expertise.

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BWPR is a self-funded initiative. Donations will go towards sustaining its growth; data and content creation and support of events organisation.

Sponsors / Partners

If you are an organisation interested in supporting BWPR’s efforts or in collaborating on a project, please get in touch for more information.



Black Women in Public Relations (BWPR) is a project started by Deborah Marie as part of a postgraduate degree in Public Relations, with the aim of highlighting Black Women’s visibility in PR after discovering a gap in academic research and articles on their state and experiences as practitioners within the industry.


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